Corporate Services

The successful resolution of problems requires tailoring our services to each specific situation or request. For best results, we initially obtain data on a client company's history, markets and even the personalities of the involved key personnel. We are serving a growing list of successful companies through the effective use of these services:

Developmental Screening Assessments

Two types of assessments provide two different levels of decision-intensive data for selecting the best applicant for any position. One of these, the Developmental Evaluation, is an in-depth assessment for pivotal people in management, supervision or sales. The other, the Developmental Profile, provides the correct level of insight for choosing the right person for a less strategic position.

Management Development Assessments

Management Development Assessments and feedback, supplemented as needed with developmental coaching, maximize the development of your existing management resources. These assessments, utilizing either the Developmental Evaluation or the Developmental Profile, also are of great value in long-term succession planning.

Performance Appraisal System Development

To obtain highly reliable performance evaluations, we can assist in setting performance dimensions and then help measure individual performance. At the same time, we monitor the appraisal system itself for reliability and validity.

Attitude Surveys

What do your employees really think of their work and their company? We can find out and then submit a "report card" to management. It gives you valuable insight into your organization's strengths and weaknesses.

Conflict Resolution and Teamwork

Internal conflict and a lack of cooperation and unity are like a chronic disease that saps a company's strength. Experience indicates that the causes are typically subtle, multi-dimensional and embedded in the complexities of human behavior. After analyzing the contributing dynamics, we employ a variety of approaches to resolve problems. For example, we've noted that certain techniques derived from organization systems theory can be especially effective.