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For many troubled individuals, couples, and families, psychotherapy is the wisest choice they'll ever make. The broad acceptance and effectiveness of psychotherapy becomes evident when you consider that most referrals come from established institutions, including companies, the medical community, schools, and the courts.

Because each client requires a specific and individual plan of intervention, testing, evaluation or training, we obtain the desired results by employing one or more of the following modalities...

Individual Psychotherapy

This technique is effective in encouraging individuals to examine unresolved issues and emotional conflicts, as well as their interpersonal relationships. We assist clients in examining both their thinking and their emotions in order to change behaviors and obtain greater satisfaction individually and in relationships.

Family Therapy and Marital Therapy

Often it is more therapeutic for family members participate together in psychotherapy. This can be an important technique in cases where children or adolescents are identified by their parents as the source of family difficulties, or when conflict is a major concern within the family.

Marital therapy involves treatment of couples experiencing problems in their relationships. A couples' communication is often a major focus. Therapy can also assist in resolving difficulties between unmarried or divorcing couples and blended families.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a useful tool for individuals who experience difficulties in personal relationships or in relating to society. It is also beneficial when addressing and correcting specific issues such as a lack of assertiveness, low self-esteem, fear of rejection and excessive sensitivity.

Stress Management

We work with individuals to abate chronic stress and its various manifestations, such as headaches and ulcers. Stress management therapy emphasizes the importance of behavioral changes and relaxation techniques in combating stress.

Psychological Assessments

These include general psychological evaluations that are valuable in diagnosing many types of psychological problems and planning their treatments. Assessments are tailored to specific needs, reflecting our sensitivity to the issue of cost. Diagnostic testing is important in cases with dual diagnoses or underlying personality disorders.

Vocational Guidance and Assessment

These services are excellent resources for directing young people in the correct career path and in helping older people adjust their career direction or change it altogether. These tests gauge interest, personality, abilities and other factors in suggesting the best educational and career choices.