Our Testing Methodology

Dramatically reduce the odds of costly miscalculation in employee selection by using innovative, proven techniques of assessing strengths and developmental needs objectively, consistently, and reliably.

Our online program offers the convenience to test applicants or existing employees whenever and wherever you like. Data is automatically collected and forwarded to our offices for personal attention and evaluation. Each submission is individually reviewed and the detailed analysis report is returned via electronic mail for faster turn around times and much improved efficiency. A hard copy is also mailed.

Proven Techniques

Mellina & Associates utilizes testing methodologies and instruments that have a proven and respected track record within the industry. An accurate assessment of an individual's current strengths and developmental needs is critical to both effective selection and staffing decisions as well as individual management development.

Our approach to assessing strengths and developmental needs is "objective assessment� using standardized psychological instruments that are uniformly administered, objectively scored, and interpreted against a specific set of norms. The Mellina & Associates developmental battery consists of widely used, well-known instruments with proven track records and good reliability and validity.


Both the Developmental Evaluation and the Developmental Profile extensively measure skills and attributes critical to successful performance of potential job responsibilities, including:

  • cognitive abilities
  • motivation and energy
  • decision-making and problem-solving skills
  • leadership abilities
  • interpersonal skills
  • work habits and characteristic work styles
  • adaptability and stress tolerance

In-House Testing

We offer corporate and clinical testing facilities within our offices. Testing instruments can be completed within our private computer lab or manually within our private test studio.

Our facilities also include a conference room and meeting rooms for confidential interviews, developmental feedback subsequent to assessments, and small group team building sessions.

Management Assessment and Coaching

Successful organizations do not materialize out of thin air, nor do they remain successful due to blind luck. Rather, such organizations are made up of individually successful managers and leaders. Good managers, supervisors, and sales representatives can become better. They can grow through proper developmental experiences, relationships, education, and training. In order to effectively utilize such resources, an accurate assessment of an individual's current strengths and developmental needs is critical.

Most individuals become more accurate assessors of their own skills when they are informed by feedback from other sources including objective assessment, behavioral ratings, or supervisory evaluation. The objective assessment battery offered by Mellina & Associates can facilitate this process.